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The Most Common Types Of Lawyers Out There

By on Oct 29, 2018 in Lawyers | 0 comments

There are so many lawyers out there that cover so many fields. But what type of your lawyer do you need for your case? Below is a list of the four most common types of lawyers out there and the most used. If you need them for your case, you know where to go:

  1. Family Lawyers
    Sadly the most used and most needed lawyers are family solicitors. Why? Because these experts cover a huge layout that ensures that anything under the umbrella of family is covered. This includes the likes of divorce, child custody, wills, estates and anything that relates to family. It is also a sad indictment on society today that these lawyers are so badly need. If you look up family law solicitors in Melbourne, you will find plenty of them because a lot of people need them.
  2. Commercial Lawyers
    When it comes to business and the law, it can be a very tricky field to negotiate, which is why plenty of business lawyers (big and small) go looking for an expert in the field. This is where commercial lawyers (also known as business lawyers) come into the equation. These are the experts that are experts when it comes to managing business on a legal front. It can be anything from copyright to employee rights, from employment issues to taxes. Thankfully, there are plenty of big and small business lawyers in Melbourne, such is the need for you.

  3. Criminal Lawyers
    The big boys that deal with the horror things in life. We are talking about murder, rape, crime, and severe cases. When it comes to hiring a criminal lawyers, it means that you are in big trouble as you have done something that has made the police on your tail. Criminal lawyers are without a doubt the big boys when it comes to the cases, but they are only focused on the most horror things in life.
  4. Civil Lawyers
    Next to criminal lawyers, there are civil lawyers. Where is the line drawn across to certify the differences? Civil lawyers work on cases that do not breach the law and are more focused on civil matters between individuals. They are less expensive and usually handle smaller cases. However, the cases can stretch up and become huge down the line.

We hope we have been able to inform you and provide you with some firm information on the type of lawyers out there and how they can they help your needs. Hopefully, you never need them, but if you do, at least you know what to look for when it comes to the crunch.